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About Our Shul

Congregation Beis Hillel is an Orthodox Jewish synagogue in Union County, NJ, on the border of Union Township and the city of Elizabeth.

We are a close-knit shul with about 75 member families led by a young, dynamic rabbi and rebbetzin, Shaya and Miera Winiarz. We warmly welcome each and every Jew who seeks a place to daven, study Torah and connect to G-d. There is no “typical” member at CBH.

The shul hosts daily minyanim — including the community’s earliest weekday shachris minyan — a variety of Torah classes, including Mishna Yomi following Shachris, Halacha Yomis following Mincha, a Yoreh Deah shiur after Maariv, a Tehillim
B’Iyun shiur for women on Tuesday and “Ask the Rabbi” on Shabbos following Mincha. With a plentiful hot kiddush every Shabbos (including a cholent that is locally legendary), interactive shalosh seudos, Chanukah and Purim chagigahs, youth activities, teen barbecues and onegs, Shabbos meals, and shul dinners, there’s always something exciting happening at CBH. 

Shabbos morning youth groups for our youngest congregants are led by teens from the shul, in our family room well stocked with toys and games. The shul is also home to the community’s gemachs — communal free-loan organizations —for medical equipment and baby equipment.

The shul began in 1986 as a Friday night ‘house minyan’ rotating among a few different homes during the cold winter months. Seven years later, the minyan began meeting on Shabbos morning, as well. In 1995 members recognized the need to more formally establish the shul and the Elmora Hills Minyan was officially incorporated. In 1996, the shul moved to its new home, a storefront on Magie Avenue that it shared with another tenant. From 2004 through 2006, the shul outgrew its location and began utilizing the other half of the building, effectively doubling its physical space. In 2007, Rabbi Yaakov Dombroff, then chief of New Jersey’s Bureau of Kosher Enforcement, became the shul’s rabbi. In 2013, Rabbi Dombroff became rabbi emeritus and a search began for a new spiritual leader. That search culminated in the selection of Rabbi Michael Bleicher, who led our shul from 2014 to 2022. Rabbi Bleicher was succeeded by Rabbi Shaya Winiarz.

In 2021, we took advantage of an opportunity to purchase the building and in 2022, we renamed the shul Congregation Beis Hillel in memory of one of our founding members, Hilton Goldman a"h.

We're proud of the warm and welcoming environment we’ve created here, and invite you to see it for yourself firsthand. Email us at and let us know when we can host you and your family for Shabbos. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Tue, June 25 2024 19 Sivan 5784